There is a wide variety of warehouse jobs that you can work in, starting at general laborer and going all the way to warehouse manager. Every job within the warehouse is specific to the efficiency and general upkeep of the facility to ensure a safe and effective workplace. When you’re just starting out in the industry and you don’t have any experience yet you will most likely find yourself in the position of a general laborer. These are the people who move products from bay to bay, shelf to shelf and just around the facility wherever they are needed. But, once you generate some experience and certifications you can move up to Forklift Driver or Material Handler. These are the people who are in charge of the product locations within the facility, they make sure that things are organized and do not overfill the different areas. After this there are the office jobs that require a lot of knowledge about paperwork and general office practices. The employees here need to maintain a high level of organization so that they can keep the facility running smoothly. If the paperwork is not filed correctly then things will get put in the wrong area and a lot of problems will ensue. The operations employees also have power over the location of the other employees, if you are a general laborer in the front of the warehouse and more people are needed in the back, then a decision will come from them to move you around where you’re needed. They do this to make sure that everyone is working during their shift and the jobs are all being completed throughout the day. They don’t want people coming in and sitting around because there is not a lot to do where they are, while in another area there are people working twice as hard with less help. Then we come to the last section of the warehouse jobs, human resources and administration. These are the people who will sign your paycheck, ensure that rules are being followed, and are in charge of hiring/firing employees. These are the people who make sure that the facility is running up to industry standards and that all their employees are doing the same. This was a brief overview of the different jobs in a warehouse, but should give you a good idea of what you could be doing there.