You want to dress to impress but not overdress. This means wear your Sunday best but not a tuxedo. You also want to make sure you are dressing for the job you are applying for. So, if you are applying to be an executive assistant to a CEO, don’t go in wearing jeans and a jumper. Wear something clean cut and classy, and throw a suit jacket on. On the other hand, if you are applying to be a dishwasher in pub, don’t wear a three-piece suit.

Overdressing can make or break your interview and chances of getting that job. A good rule of thumb is a button-down shirt with a crisp collar, khaki pants (pleated is okay if it goes with the shirt), and some clean leather shoes. This is what you would wear to a wedding, to a funeral, to a classy party, to anywhere you are making an impression. It is a good go-to outfit for any job interview and usually not underdressing either.

This allows you to be comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing and prove that you can properly dress yourself in the morning. Depending on the job you may want to think about your facial hair and head hair. If your facial hair may pose an issue, like in food service, and you aren’t too attached to it, shave it clean. This will be more presentable and allow the employer not have to ask you opt shave it. Your hairstyle should also fit whatever position you are applying for. Generally, a clean-cut look is good, or even just ensuring that the hair does not hang in front of your eyes and face.

Following these easy guidelines will ensure that you are dressed properly for any job interview you may have in the future. And hopefully get you into the job of your dreams.