Entry-level warehousing positions will be the easiest to find when searching the jobsites and webpages of the companies. The warehouse can always pick up new help who are looking to get into the industry, but it’s not always clear as to what they are looking for specifically. The first thing is experience, if you have work related experience in a warehouse that will definitely help your situation. If you do not, then what other work experience do you have that can help them make a positive decision on your employment. The next thing they look for are certifications and licences. These are very important in the warehousing industry as they are written qualifications for the jobs you will be working in, they show that you have the knowledge and ability to operate the necessary machinery to complete the work at hand and do so in a safe and effective manner. The employer also likes you to have these prior to employment because then they will not have to spend a lot of their own time and money on training you to properly operate machinery and go through the classes to get certified. This is a huge benefit to the company and to yourself. Another thing they look for is enthusiasm, the company does not want to go through the hoops of hiring someone who is just there to slack off and collect a paycheck. These are people who have daily quotas that need to be met, items that need to be shipped and picked up, and people who have to answer to higher ups about the work being completed. If you come in and are very enthusiastic about completing the work inside the warehouse and then actually do so once you’re hired then you have a higher chance of moving up than someone who does neither of those things. These are just a few things that warehousing recruiters are looking for with entry-level positions but they are very important and could make or break an interview for you.