Working with social media is a millennial dream job. Getting paid big money to sit on your butt in an office and tweet all day. Unfortunately, a lot of these jobs are hired in-house and rarely found on any job posting sites. But, there are the occasional ones out there. Basically, to start off you need to know what you’re doing. These jobs require more than just the occasional hashtag you may use on a personal page. Most, if not all, will require SEO knowledge. That stands for Search Engine Optimization, keywords in your posts that pop up the most frequently when googled. Knowing how to use those words in an effective and fluent manner will really help you out in an interview. Throwing keywords into a post is easy, but making it sound like a coherent sentence is the tough part.

The next thing you’ll need to learn are the various platforms that can be utilized in this position. A company with a twitter account will probably use a site like Hootsuite which allows them to have multiple channels open at once. You can filter the content to follow hashtags, accounts, keywords and more all open on your screen. This allows the tweeter to stay up to date with content and trends around the world. There are also platforms that have the ability to post on multiple pages at once. So, for instance you will draft up a post for Facebook and Twitter and instead of going to each individual page, you just input it into the software and it posts for you.

Cross-platform posting allows for continuity for the brand. These platforms may sound complicated but after a few minutes of fiddling around you can generally know how to operate them. A lot of social media positions will be linked to a Public Relations position as the company can’t justify paying you a large salary to just tweet all day. But if you find one that will, go for it. These are some basic starter tools to get you into a job with social media.