Being out of work and unemployed, even underemployed, is not an enjoyable time. In this day and age there are many outlets where you can find your next job, but weeding through the bad ones is what we’re here for. A connection is always the easiest way to find a job. Whether that be through a friend, family member, former coworker or anything really, knowing someone at the place you want to work will always help you.

They can vouch for your abilities and get you through the chain of command much faster than starting at the bottom. You will want to make sure this connection is a good one as they can make or break your job. So, using someone who is not going to speak well about you should be avoided. If you don’t know anyone at the place you wish to work, research the company. Look into what it is they do and what positions they have available.

After doing some digging develop an email to the human resources department that has your CV attached as well as a professionally written paragraph. This email should contain who you are and why you are contacting them, you should also include what some of your skills are and how they will benefit the company.

This means any relevant experience that can be potentially helpful during the hiring process. You can also look through the various job posting websites that are available. The only problem with these are hundreds of other applicants will be using them and you have to really make yourself stand out.

Pointing out your strong suits quickly and concisely will help you out in the long run. These hiring organizations spend all day looking at CVs and emails, you have to be concise to make it easier for them to choose you for the position. Preparing yourself for any potential interview is also a good idea, getting a few universal questions to ask is important. Usually what the hours are, what the pay is, and how long the contract would be. Once you complete these tasks you will be working at the job of your dreams in no time.