A forklift license is absolutely necessary to operate this machinery in the United Kingdom. There are various categories of licenses that you can apply for and are required for different jobs. The license indicates what truck you can operate and if necessary, any restrictions. It is very similar to your driving license but for work. The information that is included in all licenses is the date of training, holder name, name of trainer and training provider. This allows any employer to read it and know if it’s legitimate, and allows you to be qualified for the position. Below are the various forklift license:

  • Novice Training – the most basic form of forklift license training that is given to students who have no prior knowledge of the operating them. The training duration is much longer than any of the other categories. You will be in a classroom most of the time but also operating trucks for training purposes. The cost of this category ranges from £500 -£650 depending on any extraneous fees.
  • Conversion Training – This training usually takes one to two days to complete. This is for students who want to advance their forklift skills and the chance to drive other forklift trucks. This usually costs £150 - £300 due to the type of training you are seeking out and how many days it will take.
  • Semi-Experienced Operator Training – this is for drivers who have operated forklifts for a number of years in a non-professional environment. This means that you have prior knowledge of the machinery but no formal training on them. You will learn about HSE regulations and safety procedures. Usually costs £250 - £350.

Refresher Training Course – you have been trained in the past and have operated a forklift in the professional world, but just want to learn some things again. This is a course that should be taken once every three years, but more frequent the better.