We’ve all been in the position where we want to apply for a job but don’t have any experience for that specific job. Luckily, gaining experience is as easy as getting a small job or just rewording your CV. Working odd jobs since you were a kid is a beneficial thing. It shows that you have the ability to adapt and work in a variety of different places. You may already have the experience you didn’t know. If you’re a single parent for 15 years and want to get back into the workforce, you just have to show your strengths.

Time management – getting the kids to their school, events, sports, and other things on time as well as working on your own personal projects in a timely manner.

Accounting – budgeting the weekly shopping expenses to make sure you are still coming out in the black and not the red.

Customer service – putting on a face to deal with the parents at the schools who you don’t care for but assisting them with the daily carpool anyway.

Everyone has some sort of experience they can market even if it isn’t legitimate work experience. But, if you do want legitimate work experience there are a few things you can do. One of which is taking a class, if you want to get into any industry there are generally certification classes available in your area. This will show future employers that you are interested in learning and want to be ahead of the pack with your certifications. Another thing you can do is get a low paying job that will build experience. This means working retail, trade or in the food service industry. Any job is a good job as long as you are earning a paycheck and gaining some kind of experience towards your future career goals.