You don’t have to go through the whole process of university to gain a high paying job, they are out there waiting. It is possible to break into a variety of industries without a degree. One of the things you can start with is any kind of trade. Whether it be plumbing, electrical, or even tiling. These are all jobs that will start you at the bottom and allow you to grow and gain experience. When you first start out you will have to be very okay with being at the bottom of the totem pole and have to deal with the lowest level of seniority.

But, as you learn the trade more and more you will find yourself gaining pay bumps and moving up the poll. The armed forces are always a good option as well. You will have to pass the various tests and medical exams they have but as you rise through the ranks you’ll gain experience. Many people who have worked in the armed forces have found themselves in high paying positions once their term is finished.

You can also get university assistance payments through the government if you are or were an armed forces member. This is one of the riskier positons, but the payout is not only monetary but knowing that you’re helping the country too. Human resources are a career path that does not require a degree and you’ll gain on the job experience. As long as you can operate basic Microsoft office functions and an email you can definitely obtain this job. Another career you could get into is with the corrections industry.

This means working as a prison officer in one of the many corrections facilities around the country. All you need to do to qualify for this position is passing a criminal background check, be 18 or over and pass the Prison Officer Selection Test. These are just a few of the careers you can get into without an education or experience.