How to Get a Warehouse Job without Experience in UK

Looking for a warehouse job in UK but with no experience in this niche? You are certainly not alone. But, the good news is that you can land a good paying warehouse job with little or no experience, you only need to know how to go about it. Keep reading to learn more.

First, Understand What Warehouse Job Requires

Warehouse job descriptions include material handling, packaging, warehouse management, maintenance, shipping and clerks reception. Often, employees in a warehouse are required to employ rapid pace in discharging their duties, so that they can meet shipping as well as receiving deadlines. Each warehouse job description varies based on the specific work setting.

That’s not all, warehouse job also involves loading and off-loading goods or merchandise, as well as assembly-line work. It’s a physically demanding job that involves standing, bending, lifting or standing extensively.

Landing a Warehouse Job Without Experience

As mentioned earlier, you can get a job at the warehouse whether or not you have the required experience. How? Getting a job generally with little or no experience may appear impossible. But the truth is, there are tons of opportunities for individuals with no or little work experience. Warehouses hire enthusiastic individuals without job experience and train them on the job.

All you need to do is to search carefully and in a targeted manner, ensuring that your resume is also well-written to suit a warehouse job requirement.

Here are tips on how to land your first warehouse job with little or no experience;

Tip #1: Keep an Open Mind

You may not want to start with a menial position in a warehouse. But, the truth is that the so-called lower positions may pave way for managerial and other higher positions, especially when you prove yourself outstanding while carrying out the lower job position’s responsibilities. Your superior may take note and recommend you for a higher job position sooner than you imagined.

Tip #2: Create an Appealing Resume

It doesn’t matter whether you have little or no work experience, every job will require a resume. So, make your resume a winning one and include essential features such as your level of education, your set of skills such as organizing, researching, typing and writing, and your leadership positions (e.g. president of a union or captain of a social/sport club). Don’t forget to include references – two or three would do. Ensure that your references are individuals who can vouch for your hard-work and character. It’s better not to use family members or friends as your references. And, ensure your resume doesn’t exceed one page whether in print or in soft copy.

Tip #3: Network with Others

You can increase your chances as well as speed of landing good warehouse job by networking with others. A lot of people had got jobs through this medium. Ask family members, relatives, friends and even friends of your friends for possible warehouse job openings they may be aware of. Let everyone around you who can help know that you’re looking for a warehouse job.

Finally, consider starting out with entry level warehouse jobs in UK to speed up your chances of landing a job.