There are a lot of things that people will tell you about what is going to happen during an interview, and truthfully a lot of it is false. The interviewer will not ask you about specific things on your CV. They may ask about a general past experience but it will never be like a “what were you doing during the summer months at this job”.

They will have looked over your resume in the weeks or days prior to the interview. The human resources representative is very busy and will know what to look for on the CV to decide if you’re qualified or not. Dressing for success, don’t overdress but don’t underdress. You need to dress for the job you are applying to. There isn’t one outfit that is the end all be all outfit for work interviews. The outfits vary just as much as the jobs you are working towards. There are no wrong answers, wrong. There are wrong answers. Unfortunately, you will not know that it is the wrong answer, but just say whatever pop into your head and do not lie.

You will get caught in a lie and that will end poorly. You can’t ask questions, this is a myth. You are one hundred percent allowed to ask the interviewer questions. You can ask about the pay rate, the hours, the duration of the contract, dress code, really whatever you may think is necessary about the job. Brief is better, not true. Allowing yourself to fully explain any answer or experience you have will be beneficial to you.

But make sure you don’t ramble, as that just wastes time and isn’t enjoyable for anyone. Not every job interview is the same, but usually these busted myths will apply to them. Don’t be afraid to dig deep into the company and find out what you will be doing with them. Also try and bust these myths yourself to break the norm.