A resume is a tough thing to develop when you don’t have any relevant experience. You may think that lying is a good way to get in to the top of the pile, it is not. Because your first day on the job it will become very clear that you don’t know what you’re doing. The worst thing to do with your resume is make it look like you’re qualified for a position that you have no knowledge of. When you don’t have any experience for the job you are applying for than you need to highlight any other experience you may have. If you worked a retail job then you write about your customer service skills and how over the years you have developed a good way of interacting with potential clients. The retail job also assisted with your organization and money management skills. If you worked in the restaurant industry then you discuss your work with a chain of command and great workplace communication skills that were molded over the years. Even if you were a stay at home parent you can write a job description that makes you sound like a professional. You had to schedule playdates, sports, school and other extracurricular activities. You balanced your families budget sheets and finances to ensure every cent was being spent correctly. There is always some way that you can amplify your prior experience to show a qualification for the career you want. You should also highlight any education you had in the past that may be relevant to the position. Anything from your A level courses to a university degree can help boost your resume to the top of the application stack in the human resources office. The one thing that you have to remember when applying to a warehousing position is that no experience is not bad, you just need to show what else you know and the ability to learn new things while working. With this mindset, you’ll be right on your way to getting a job in the warehousing industry.