Leaving a job is always a tough choice if you did enjoy working there at the beginning. For the most part, people leave their jobs as a career or life choice to help better themselves. Keeping a good rapport with that employer is the best thing to do so that you can call upon them later for references. If you had a good relationship with your boss throughout your entire employment there, then you might not need to worry too much.

The most important thing to do is give them enough notice. This takes some of the stress off of them because it allows for time to search for a new person to fill the position you’re leaving. The worst thing you can do is come into work Friday morning and say it’s your last day. That leaves them helpless and without a worker. The next thing you will want to do is provide good reasoning as to why you are leaving. Whether it be a career switch, life decision, or something internally at that position, you want to let your employer know why.

Especially if it’s something at the office that can be fixed in the future for either yourself or the other employees. When leaving any job, you have to make sure that you are allowing the employer to work through your reasoning and not try to fight and keep you there.

The decision to leave should be your own and yours alone. The employer may not be happy if you spring this on them suddenly, but if you casually suggest that you are seeking other employment a few months or weeks prior than they will be more okay with your decision. It will give them the opportunity to search for new employees to fill your space. It is very easy to leave a job without burning any bridges as long as you do it politely and properly.