As for every job, you apply for there are certain things that can be done to make your CV stand out amongst the rest. One of the most important things to possess is experience, nothing can beat having previous knowledge in the workplace you’re looking to get back into. Whether it be brief or long-term all experience is good experience. The recruiters are looking for candidates who know what working in a warehouse is like and what they are going to be doing on a day to day basis. This will also help with familiarity of order and inventory paperwork; the most important part of an organized business is paperwork filled out and filed correctly. If order paperwork is wrong then you won’t have enough or too much of a certain item, this also applies to inventory paperwork. If you don’t know how all of this should be filled out and filed, showing that you are a quick learner and can easily adapt to the situation will prove beneficial in any job interview. Another thing that recruiters are looking for is licenceing and/or certifications for certain types of equipment. This shows that you are able to work with the various machinery and vehicles in the warehouse and can properly maintain a safe work environment. Employers do not want to bring anyone in who will potentially cause harm to any other employees or slow down the efficiency of the workplace because they don’t know how to work the machinery. Speaking of safety in the workplace, understanding ergonomics is also incredibly important. Knowing how to lift heavy objects, reach and squat without injuring yourself will allow for a more productive workday and less money spent on any disability leave caused from improper techniques. When you know how to work without injury then you yourself will also receive a better career too. Recruiters are looking for potential employees who can benefit their warehouse. They want people who know what they’re knowing, are certified with equipment and have safe workplace practices. You don’t need all of these to get a job in a warehouse as many are willing to train you and help with certifications, you just have to prove that you’re worth their time and effort.