Easy for Entry Level Workers

There is likely a place for you in the industry, whatever your level of education, experience and training. Entry level warehousing positions look past education and experience and look for people who are dedicated, motivated, reliable and has the physical ability to move objects. Additional credentials such as Fork Lift certification, and First Aid,  are relatively easy and cheap to obtain and will go a long way in the job search.

Opportunities for Growth

You may start in an entry-level position, packing, moving and sorting, parcels or containers around, but there are many opportunities for growth in the warehousing industry. Such as operators, shipping, logistics, management, customer service and delivery

Low Unemployment

If you want to work, you’ve got a great chance of find a position!

Flexible Work Hours

Warehouse work can vary greatly in terms of the hours of operation. There is something for everyone; days, nights, part-time, full-time, casual - there something for everyone.

Jobs are Plentiful

Employment in the Warehousing industry is expected to continue to grow each year. A quick look at popular job boards show the industry jobs are plentiful.

Good Money and Great Benefits for Entry-Level Work

The average warehouse worker in their youth earn more than the minimum wage, unlike other entry level jobs suitable for youth. Additionally, most warehousing positions have great benefits compared to other entry level work, even part time.