Combining studies and a job is always a difficult task. You are required by your job to complete whatever task is at hand in a timely and sufficient manner. With studies, you are essentially required to do the same thing. Unfortunately, if you work in any fast-paced job where you are on your feet and constantly moving about, it will be very difficult to combine these two things. But if you sit at a desk and are pretty stationary, it can be easier.

One thing you can do is not bring to much schoolwork to work. This will look like you are trying to get paid to not work, which it is what you’re doing but you don’t want to show that. You will want to bring mainly reading materials as that is the easiest to set down and help a customer when necessary. Books and packets are small and simple to pack up when the work day is completed. You are going to want to make sure that you don’t get distracted and your assigned job task does get finished while you’re there. This will ensure that you keep your job and keep you getting paid. To really combine studies and a job you are going to have to find a job that allows you to do so.

Many employers will not allow this as it will distract you from the duties at hand. A job like a receptionist in an apartment building may allow this because you will not need to do anything unless you are being called upon. When you are looking to combine studies and a job, in general, you are going to have to deal with the consequences. You will have less free time during your week to join clubs or school activities. You won’t have as much free time to do relaxing things as well. The sacrifices outweigh the rewards when it comes to studying and working but some people just need to do it to get by. Unfortunately, you will also have to be aware of your scheduling.

Making sure that your work schedule does not interfere with your school schedule or vice versa. Being scheduled for a shift and realizing that you have class is something dreadful and found in horror films but it does happen to those who are not careful. You are also going to have to expect the unexpected with it. Don’t schedule your work shift to start ten minutes after you get out of class. There are commute time and potential time needed to talk with professors and classmates. Both of which are excuses that your employer will not accept. There is some benefit to doing this however, you will be gaining work experience that can benefit you in the future. You can also make connections to help find you jobs or apprenticeships later on. You will also be making money and that is a benefit on its own. Combining studies and a job is difficult but can be done.