So, you may need a job sooner than later and have bills that need to be paid right away. One thing you can do is find a recruiting agency and get your name on the list, being proactive is the best thing to do for finding a career. Getting yourself off the couch and out into the world so that you can establish yourself is the most important thing. The next would be polishing up your resume so that it accurately reflects the experience you have. This means highlighting past work that will be relevant towards your new position and showing that you have the ability to learn and grow within the workplace. You should also look into getting the necessary licences and certifications if you don’t already have them. Once you begin the courses you are putting yourself above the rest by showing enthusiasm for gaining more experience. Even if you don’t have the certification at the time of the interview, just giving the information that you are currently completing them will look better for you. This is also good for the company because they will then know you have a higher level of workplace knowledge than those who have yet to begin any training courses. But, the most important thing with trying to get a job is that you need to be patient. These things rarely happen overnight and if they do they might be too good to be true. Don’t rush on the first offer you receive because there may be a better one coming just down the road. It may take more than a day for a company’s human resources department to get back to you on whether or not they are going to pursue hiring you. That is okay, they are busy and by showing you are polite and patient with them can only help your situation. Getting a job fast can be done, you just have to know the things to do beforehand to really help yourself out.