Interviewing is one of the toughest parts of a job application process. Having to sit in front of one or more people who are looking for your weaknesses is a nerve-racking thing. But, there are ways to get around that and not look like a nervous wreck. One of the things that works best to relieve your nerves in an interview is to dress comfortably. If you are uncomfortable in your clothes that will show in your speech pattern, body language and everything else.

If you are wearing something you’re used to, then things will just feel better. The next is to watch the language you use. Meaning avoid “um”, “uh”, “like”, these are filler words that show you aren’t dumb, but definitely nervous. When you have practiced your answers to possible questions you will say them more eloquently than something you just think of on the spot. A prepared answer that is memorized will sound better than just winging it. Of course, some of those words are avoidable.

Like if you get asked a question out of the blue and have to think on it, definitely feel okay with letting out a little “um” but don’t draw it out for too long. That will just make you look and sound odd. Practicing your interview will also help. That could mean running through a mock interview with some friends or family, or even getting other jobs that you have interviewed for. It will help calm you down when you need to sit in front of these people and prove to them why they should hire you.

Always remember, they are people just like you. They may be higher ups in the company, they may be important but every day they get out of bed and put on pants one leg at a time just like you. They are just people who will be in charge of you.  Your first interview is always the most difficult, but once you get a couple under your belt they’ll get easier and easier.