Being a late person is a feeling that a lot of us know too well. You get up with enough time to get ready but you always find yourself at the office a bit after when you should be there. The best thing to do with this type of scenario is, to be honest when you come in. say why you were late, but don’t make a hollow promise saying it won’t happen again. A perpetual late person is always late, unfortunately.

You can make up for your lateness by staying late at the office. This will show that you are putting in effort towards the time you are missing in the mornings. Make sure you are also getting the work done. The worst thing is a late person who does not finish their tasks, but if you really bust it out every day then it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. You can also practice being on time. Cut out things in your morning that may not be totally necessary like watching that extra twenty minutes of television, or maybe only a twenty-minute shower instead of forty. There are things that can be done where over time you will find yourself being late less and less.

This, however, does not happen overnight and you will need to really get yourself into the routine of it. Being honest about your lateness is always a good thing to do. Letting your boss know that you are late, but you are a good worker and will try to get everything done in a timely fashion will help your case. The boss will definitely not be thrilled hearing you are perpetually late but they will appreciate the honesty. Also, try and work on how late you actually are.

If you are showing up like one or two minutes late, not that bad. If you are showing up thirty to forty minutes late, that is bad. There are always things that can be done to reduce the amount of late you are and get yourself out of being the person who is always late.