Writing a cover letter is always a difficult part of the application process. You’re only given a few hundred words to sell yourself in, and we know you’re worth more than that. But, there are somethings you can do to really make yourself stand out amongst the other cover letters the warehouse will receive. The first thing that you should do is properly address your cover letter, you want it to be written to the recruiter or human resources department at the warehouse you are applying to. This will make it directed towards them and ensure that it does not get lost in transit. The next thing is the opening paragraph, this is where you list off your previous work experience, education, and anything that is relevant towards your potential job. Now usually you could transition to the next and final paragraph, but what you should do is in a bulleted format list off your certifications and licences you possess that will boost your profile. This also clearly lines out whether or not the warehouse will have to help you attain certifications, and the level of training you will need to go through when if they choose to hire you. After this you can move into the final paragraph, and this is your last chance to sell yourself. Add in any last-minute information that will help you get the warehouse job you want, and boost yourself within the company. This paragraph is also where you add in your contact information. You should include your mobile phone number and email address, this way the human resources department can easily contact you in case they need more information or to set up an interview. Writing a cover letter is a very simple thing that can be easily tailored for any warehouse job you are looking to get into. As long as you relay the key information about your past experience and certifications that can help you be an efficient employee is what the company looks for. This is going to be your first impression on the company and you want to make it count and stand out and land the career of your dreams.