Some things to get you ready for a career in the warehousing industry are your work clothes, certifications, and attitude. You have to dress appropriately for work, which means steal toed boots and proper safety gear. A warehouse is a huge facility with parts and people moving around at all times. This is a high paced work environment where accidents are just waiting to happen, but by wearing the proper gear you will remove yourself from that equation. Your workplace will probably provide you with guidelines for their dress code and possibly even some of the gear that you may need. As long as you comply to these rules then you will have an excellent time working there. This also applies to certifications, keep these up to date and available for review. Your employer wants to bring in people with prior knowledge to the industry and the ability to perform work that other employees may not be able to do. These certifications will also allow you as an employee to gain a higher pay rate than those who do not have them. That’s probably the best part because everyone likes to get paid more for their experience and qualifications. But, with the certifications comes the attitude in the workplace. There will be people there who are more qualified than you, there will also be people there who are less qualified than you. What you have to do is maintain the same pleasant work ethic with all of them. These are people who you will work hundreds of hours with and if you don’t maintain a good attitude with them, then it will be very bad. You also should begin looking into proper warehouse work ethic; for things like safe lifting practices, common terminology, and ways to improve the work day. These are just some basic things that will really help you get going in the warehousing industry.