Millennials don’t want perks; they want purpose. This is a generation of people who grew up wanting more in life than just cool things on the job. They want to develop a strong sense of belonging, values in the workplace and a place to grow. Career progression is something that all millennials are searching for, as a younger generation they don’t want to enter a dead-end job before their life has peaked. These millennials want to find somewhere where they can learn and achieve higher positions with the company. They want to stay and build within instead of bouncing around from place to place. The warehouse has strong values that help build people up from the ground level all the way to high ranking officials in the company. Another thing that brings millennials to the warehouse business is staying current and embracing technology. This means updating any outdated machinery around the facility and making the work day more efficient. New technology will also benefit the company because it shows clients that you are taking your work more seriously by keeping things up to date. Facilitating a company culture is also important, you need to create a space for them to flourish as people as well as employees. If they don’t have this space then productivity, morale and communication will decrease. Something you want to encourage the most in your workspace is communication, this will help you improve various aspects within the warehouse and inter-staff relationships. Warehouses also allow for flexibility whether it be where they work, how they work or when they work; a warehouse is flexible. There are so many different jobs in a warehouse that people can work in you can really never get bored doing it. Warehouses are also a lively work environment; every day is exciting and different with new things happening all the time. Warehouses are a thriving market in the UK and attract new people every day, with millennials making up a large portion of the population they are an untapped employee market that wants to come work for you, all you have to do is give them the incentives they need.