The one thing that people look for most with an employer is the potential to move up the chain of command and grow within the company. Many unskilled workers will enter a warehouse job at the lowest level of the spectrum. This is due to the fact that they just don’t have the necessary skills to do other things, but this does not mean that they don’t have the potential to learn these skills. Once a career has started at a warehouse there is a timeframe that the employee has to work before they can do so, but once that is completed they can move around. Many warehouse managers will offer training to their employees who wish to jump from division to division within the facility. This allows the employee to gain experience and put them on the track for future management opportunities. Obtaining new positions within the company also gives the employee pay raises as they are more valuable to keep than they are to lose. The benefit with this is that amongst many companies it is common practice to hire from within rather than going through a recruiter on the outside. The employee who is promoted from within already has a good understanding of the specific company they work for, they have worked in many different divisions of the warehouse and hopefully have a good rapport with the current employees to promote good communication and morale. When you decide to move from the warehouse floor to the office there are a wide array of options to choose from, whether it be human resources, management, ordering, inventory, branding and so many different things. The possibilities are nearly endless within warehousing careers, and as long as you have good experience that was developed on the warehouse floor. It is very easy to grow within a warehouse and all you have to do is ask for the opportunity.